Thought of the Week: Managing Time

managing time

  Indeed, coming up with a to-do list is the easy part. It’s the doing that is hardest. Getting started,  sticking to your goals, ignoring non-priorities, avoiding the allure of unproductive busyness – which of these do you find the most challenging? Is there anything else you would add to the list?

Friday Feature: Helping Others Find Meaning and Joy at Work


Heng Teng Teng is the founder and owner of GROW, a boutique firm specializing in career management and executive coaching for individuals and corporate leaders respectively. She found her entrepreneurial spark when she realised what gives her fulfilment in her work, and this now forms the foundation of her business. How it started Teng Teng […]

Want To Start A Business? Here’s Something That Will Help You.

Multitasking mother with her daughter

Hi my friend, were you looking out for the Feature Friday column yesterday? I’ve shelved that this week but it will be back next Friday. Meanwhile, there’s something I need to tell you and don’t want you to miss out on. It’s about your dream of starting a business. I know many of you have […]

Ideas to Turn Mundane Tasks from Dreadful to Delightful

Turn Mundane Tasks from Dreadful to Delightful

No matter how much we love our lives, there are bound to be some mundane tasks that we aren’t too excited about and yet can’t run away from, such as the house chores or some routine business tasks we have to handle. Short of outsourcing them (which is not a bad idea at all), we […]

Friday Feature: Being Open to the Serendipity of Life

Human Nature SG

For Christine Buyco-Sy, the journey to being a mompreneur started serendipitously during one of her trips back home in the Philippines where she chanced upon Human Nature, an organic personal and home care brand. After trying the products and falling in love with them, she began working tirelessly to bring the brand to Singapore, where […]