Thought of the Week: Lead Yourself

Lead yourself

“… when you have clarity about your destination, you lead yourself. You do not let other people, events, or situations to lead you. As leadership pioneer Warren Bennis says, “You become authentic. The word ‘authentic’ has its root the word ‘author’. You become the author of your life rather than a copy of shadow of […]

Ideas to Turn Mundane Tasks from Dreadful to Delightful

Turn Mundane Tasks from Dreadful to Delightful

No matter how much we love our lives, there are bound to be some mundane tasks that we aren’t too excited about and yet can’t run away from, such as the house chores or some routine business tasks we have to handle. Short of outsourcing them (which is not a bad idea at all), we […]

How to Deal with Life’s Disruptions

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Last week, I tried to be supermom. I know I’ve said that a MomME’s goal is not to be supermom (defined as the mom who thinks she can do it all and have it all), but ironically, that was what I did and ended up feeling totally defeated and drained. What happened was, my son […]

A Heart-to-Heart Talk About Your Dream

Female Friends Enjoying Tea And Cookies At Home

Often, when I meet another mom for the first time and she finds out that I’m a work-at-home mom, I will usually get this comment, “How nice! I also hope to be a work-at-home mom (or “I hope to start an online business”) so that I can spend more time with my kids.” During such times, […]

This is What Really Matters in Parenting

Happy mom and daughter on bikes outdoors

As a mother, I have certain ideals about what being a “good mom” means. This usually comes from looking at what other moms are doing excellently and then aspiring to do likewise. Yet I often end up feeling inadequate. But through an online course I participated in, I had a liberating a-ha moment and learnt […]