Brilliant Tools to Achieve Your New Year Resolutions and Create an Awesome 2014


It’s that time of the year where many of us are making new year resolutions or setting new goals. However, is a part of you thinking that your efforts may just amount to nothing….. again? Year after year, you’ve enthusiastically written down some big goals but shortly after, you got distracted, your fire fizzled out […]

Thought of the Week: Lead Yourself

Lead yourself

“… when you have clarity about your destination, you lead yourself. You do not let other people, events, or situations to lead you. As leadership pioneer Warren Bennis says, “You become authentic. The word ‘authentic’ has its root the word ‘author’. You become the author of your life rather than a copy of shadow of […]

Thought of the Week: Managing Time

managing time

  Indeed, coming up with a to-do list is the easy part. It’s the doing that is hardest. Getting started,  sticking to your goals, ignoring non-priorities, avoiding the allure of unproductive busyness – which of these do you find the most challenging? Is there anything else you would add to the list?

The One Habit that Will Help You Become More Productive

lady drinking coffee in balcony

You open your eyes and see the first ray of dawn sneaking into the room through the small slid between the curtains. You give yourself a good stretch and amazingly, you actually feel refreshed. It’s a strange yet wonderful feeling, because it’s been a long while since you feel this way. Picking up the alarm […]