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MomMe Quote Book: Positive Words to Uplift, Inspire & Motivate (Value $27)

Hi! Welcome to MomMe Circle and thank you for your interest in the ebook, MomMe Quote Book.

I’m Ruth, founder of this site and I created the book as an encouragement for moms.

Why a book of inspirational quotes?

As a mom myself, I know how busy we can get with all our commitments – work, family, kids, and for some like myself, elderly parents who need care.

Often, we give so much of ourselves that we feel depleted at the end of the day. I’ve found that reading inspiring words is one easy way for a quick pick-me-up, and if I have rough day, the words would help refocus my mind on something positive and may even give me a new perspective of the situation.

I decided to create this ebook to give you easy access to over 150 brilliant quotes that will inspire you to live with greater joy, purpose and intention as a mom and woman.

What can you get in the MomMe Quote Book?

  1. A beautiful ebook with over 150 inspirational quotes to uplift and nourish your mind and soul
  2. Pearls of distilled wisdom for subjects close to a mom’s heart, such as motherhood, marriage, parenting, self-care and more
  3. Carefully curated resources from some of my favorite experts to help moms enjoy a fulfilling motherhood and live a thriving life
  4. BONUS: 5 pages of pretty printables you can print out and write your favorite quotes


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I would love to hear from you and know what you think about the book. Feel free to also let me know what kind of topics or resources you would like to see here. Thank you and looking forward to connecting with you!