Introducing a New Column

Friday feature collage

Hi friends,

Tomorrow, we will kick start a new bi-monthly column – ‘Friday Feature’. In this new column, you will read awesome stories of mompreneurs, work-at-home moms and who are actively pursuing their passion.

The stories may appear a bit long but it is because I want you to have the details about these amazing moms’ journey, the milestones and lessons they learnt.

Also, I believe every mom I interview is a hero in her own right. So you will definitely glimpse something inspirational from the women featured here, who have given of their precious time to share their stories with you. For this, I’m very thankful.

I hope this new column will inspire you and give you ideas to start creating the business and life you love!

Meanwhile, if you have a personal story in line with Friday Feature’s theme to share, please write to me at Or perhaps you know of someone whose story will inspire others, do drop me a note too. I look forward to hearing from you!




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