Money Lessons and a Freebie Coming Your Way!

Hello my friends! Can’t imagine we are about five weeks away from 2014!

How has it been for you so far?

Congratulations if you have achieved all your goals! But if you are still working on them, give yourself a pat on the back. While many others may have long given up or even forgotten about their goals, it’s great that you have persevered! Don’t worry if you are not meeting the timeline you might have set, what’s important is that you stayed on the course. Look at what you have achieved and celebrate that.

Personal finance

On my side, instead of setting goals this year, I had picked a few areas of my life I want to work on. This includes personal finance. This has been one of my biggest challenges for as long as  I can remember and I’ve come to the point where I feel that I don’t want to run away from it anymore and it’s time to put this aspect of my life in order.

Did it surprise you when I say that? Well, let me tell you a little bit more about myself.

I grew up in a poor family and we struggled a lot financially. My dad was the sole breadwinner and life was hard.

Looking back, whenever my parents talked about money, it was always from a place of lack and negativity. We were living mostly from pay cheque to pay cheque, and often my parents had to tap into whatever little saving they had. There was much fear surrounding the family’s financial situation.

I suppose I had ‘inherited’ my parents’ attitude and mindset about money.

So when I started working, I struggled with money too. I had to support my parents and when my dad was diagnosed with kidney failure and needed dialysis, it got tougher. The thing was my dad didn’t believe in insurance, he thought they were all scams, so he had none. I was upset, but realised that I was responsible too. I could have bought insurance for him but because I was afraid of managing my money (yes!), I wasn’t able to take a look at the whole financial situation and do something that could have prevented some of the issues we faced.

Things are so much better now. But I still don’t like to talk about money, I find it extremely hard to do so. Whenever my husband wanted to discuss about financial matters, I would feel a knot in my stomach and want to run away. As you can guess, I leave the task of managing the family finances to my husband. But I hated that feeling of being out of control, of not being able to manage my own finances.

So I figured if could go through pregnancy and childbirth and endured the pain of breastfeeding (had to deal with very bad engorgement and cracked nipples), I can work on my personal finance and overcome my fears.

Yet for many months, it remained at the back of my mind. I was too ‘busy’ with my projects and in setting up a business.

Then my mom was diagnosed with dementia.  It felt like deja vu. The medical bills and other related expenses forced me to begin taking a serious look at my finances and make plans for her long term care.

And as soon as I made up my mind and took a small step towards managing my personal finance, something happened. It was as if God affirmed my action and orchestrated a series of events and divine meetings to help me learn some important money lessons.

Relationship with money

One of those events was attending a one-day workshop ‘Women and Money’ with Elyse-Anne, a Singapore-based love coach, entrepreneur and winner of ‘Best Working Mother’ award.

I signed up for the workshop as I was intrigued by what I read: One year ago, Elyse was struggling to make ends meet and there were many days when she had just $1 in her bank. One year later, she is working just five days a month and no longer worries about money and is living her dream lifestyle.

Now, who won’t want that right? I was curious about how she went from struggling to thriving.

She shared her story and it was inspiring. But more than that, I walked away with some precious lessons that day.

The workshop helped me examine my core beliefs about money and discovered some limiting beliefs/lies about money I had.

Something else also left a deep impact on me.

She asked us this: If money is a person, what is your relationship with him or her? How are you treating this person?

Those questions gave me a new perspective that helped me realised that unless I have a healthy, positive relationship with money, I can’t expect money to want to stay with me. After all, would you stay with a friend who had abused your trust or treated you shabbily?

The amazing part is as I started working on my mindset and building a more positive relationship with money, payments that I had almost forgotten about came in and friends contacted me for some new projects. Cool right?

A special announcement

Money lessons aside, I have been working on something lately.

Christmas is coming. It’s a season of giving and I hope that in some small ways, I could offer a gift to everyone for journeying with me here on MomMe Circle. So I decided to create something. Here’s a sneak peek of what I have been working on…










MomMe_Quote_Book (2)_rs

Yes! I am creating this FREE ebook for you!

It’s coming out in December and I can’t wait to hear what you think. If you want to be informed about the launch of the ebook, hop over to this page and leave me your name and email. I’ll drop you a note as soon as it is out!


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