Money Lessons and a Freebie Coming Your Way!

MomMe_Quote_Book (2)_rs

Hello my friends! Can’t imagine we are about five weeks away from 2014! How has it been for you so far? Congratulations if you have achieved all your goals! But if you are still working on them, give yourself a pat on the back. While many others may have long given up or even forgotten […]

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When Life Goes On Pause Mode

take rest by Ovid

It’s been exactly two months since being away from this blog. I’m so glad to finally be back here. For two very challenging months, I had to put certain parts of my life (including this blog and the business I ‘m building) on a pause mode. It was a struggle but sometimes, life forces us […]

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Thought of the Week: Business or Hobby?

Biz or hobby

I know many mompreneurs start out by turning a hobby into a business. But somewhere along the way, instead of thriving, these small businesses stagnated and some even die a premature death. So what happened? I believe the cause is largely due to this – MINDSET. If you want to be successful in your business, […]

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Thought of the Week: Lead Yourself

Lead yourself

“… when you have clarity about your destination, you lead yourself. You do not let other people, events, or situations to lead you. As leadership pioneer Warren Bennis says, “You become authentic. The word ‘authentic’ has its root the word ‘author’. You become the author of your life rather than a copy of shadow of […]

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Mistakes I Made Building My Business and What You Can Learn From It


When I started building MomME Circle, I instinctively created a blog without giving it a second thought. After all, I have been a blogger for a few years, having a personal blog where I write about motherhood and my interests. So having a blog for MomME Circle was the most natural thing to do. Not […]

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