Thought of the Week: Business or Hobby?

Biz or hobby

I know many mompreneurs start out by turning a hobby into a business. But somewhere along the way, instead of thriving, these small businesses stagnated and some even die a premature death. So what happened? I believe the cause is largely due to this – MINDSET. If you want to be successful in your business, […]

Mistakes I Made Building My Business and What You Can Learn From It


When I started building MomME Circle, I instinctively created a blog without giving it a second thought. After all, I have been a blogger for a few years, having a personal blog where I write about motherhood and my interests. So having a blog for MomME Circle was the most natural thing to do. Not […]

Friday Feature: Helping Others Find Meaning and Joy at Work


Heng Teng Teng is the founder and owner of GROW, a boutique firm specializing in career management and executive coaching for individuals and corporate leaders respectively. She found her entrepreneurial spark when she realised what gives her fulfilment in her work, and this now forms the foundation of her business. How it started Teng Teng […]

Friday Feature: Being Open to the Serendipity of Life

Human Nature SG

For Christine Buyco-Sy, the journey to being a mompreneur started serendipitously during one of her trips back home in the Philippines where she chanced upon Human Nature, an organic personal and home care brand. After trying the products and falling in love with them, she began working tirelessly to bring the brand to Singapore, where […]

Introducing a New Column


Hi friends, Tomorrow, we will kick start a new bi-monthly column – ‘Friday Feature’. In this new column, you will read awesome stories of mompreneurs, work-at-home moms and who are actively pursuing their passion. The stories may appear a bit long but it is because I want you to have the details about these amazing […]