Are You Ready to Make Self-Care a Priority?


How would life be different if you went through your days with a full tank, feeling well-cared for and replenished? How would that change the way you parent? How would that change the way you approach your work? How would that change the way you experience your relationships — your spouse, your children, your friends […]

How to Deal with Life’s Disruptions

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Last week, I tried to be supermom. I know I’ve said that a MomME’s goal is not to be supermom (defined as the mom who thinks she can do it all and have it all), but ironically, that was what I did and ended up feeling totally defeated and drained. What happened was, my son […]

The Kind of Mom We Are

Little kids with mommy reading book

Have you ever wondered about what kind of mom you are? I entertained this thought after being hit by a bout of mom guilt when I was spending long hours editing the manuscript and preparing for my book launch. I felt I had turned into an “unloving, workaholic, nonsense-intolerant mom” (when under stress, my threshold […]