Are You Ready to Make Self-Care a Priority?


How would life be different if you went through your days with a full tank, feeling well-cared for and replenished? How would that change the way you parent? How would that change the way you approach your work? How would that change the way you experience your relationships — your spouse, your children, your friends […]

When Life Goes On Pause Mode

take rest by Ovid

It’s been exactly two months since being away from this blog. I’m so glad to finally be back here. For two very challenging months, I had to put certain parts of my life (including this blog and the business I ‘m building) on a pause mode. It was a struggle but sometimes, life forces us […]

Celebrate Who You Are

Girl with balloons

Have you been giving so much to other people that you often feel drained? Have you been thinking about what is “wrong” with you instead of focusing on what you have done well? Are you always comparing yourself with others and feel like you never quite measure up? Are you trying to be someone you […]