Thought of the Week: Managing Time

managing time


Indeed, coming up with a to-do list is the easy part. It’s the doing that is hardest.

Getting started, ┬ásticking to your goals, ignoring non-priorities, avoiding the allure of unproductive busyness – which of these do you find the most challenging? Is there anything else you would add to the list?


  1. For me, I think staying focus can be pretty challenging. For example, sometimes I tend to overestimate and overload with too many tasks on my to-do list for the day. But I realise the effectiveness of a to-do list is to stay focus, list down those important and high priority things to do and complete them within a short timeframe. When I have lesser tasks on the list, I realise I am more focused and efficient thus achieves more. When my tasks are completed, then I can focus on the other important things like my child.

    • Thanks for sharing, Yvonne! I agree that the main purpose of a task list is to help us stay focused. And like you said, one thing I come realize about these lists is that we often end up not being able to complete them – it’s not necessarily because we had been inefficient or not being focused enough.
      The way to make to-do list work is first to be clear about what should or should not go into the list in the first place and that takes practice :)

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